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Customers seek out our store because they know they will always be able to find a quality wine in any price range, and they will always be serviced by an educated staff who will work tirelessly to find them that perfect bottle.

Michael Cedro

Get to Know Michael Cedro

Michael Cedro


Michael Cedro, owner of Riverside Wines and Liquor started his career as a Senior Scientist at Johnson & Johnson after graduation from Ramapo College with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He had many influences in his life that started with his grandfather who emigrated from Northern Italy sharing his culinary excitement and wine making.

  "It's unusual today to find the owner working the store for over 36 years.  It's my passion, I love to cook and pair the wines.  I give my customers my cell number to offer help wherever they are.  I've had them call me in a restaurant and read me the menu so I can help them choose the right wine!"

"People come to me looking for the unusual. I think they want advice, without feeling intimidated, which is just my style. My customers know that they will get a great bottle to fit any budget, but that we also do not skimp on offering the exceptional, should that be what they are hoping for. I taste through hundreds, if not thousands of wines, looking for the gems in the masses."

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